Frankenmuth Insurance accepts electronic funds transfers, credit cards, checks and money orders. Payments can be made by phone, online via company website, through mobile app, by email, by fax or by mail.

Pay by Phone: 844-488-9777
Roadside Service: 800-234-4433
Customer Service: 800-234-1133

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Citizens accepts credit card, debit card or checking account payments. You can make a one-time payment by phone or online. You also have the option register online to setup

Pay by Phone: 800-573-1187
Roadside Service: 800-628-0250
Customer Service: 855-222-1613

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Michigan Insurance Company allows you to make a payment by phone, using their automated system or by registering online to setup a one-time or recurring payments. You have the option of using your checking, savings or credit card to make payments.

Pay by Phone: 800-877-0600
Customer Service: 888-606-6426

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Progressive allows you to make payments by phone or online from your credit card, debit card or checking account.

Pay by Phone: 844-488-9777

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Safeco Insurance offers two options for making a one-time payment: by phone or on-line. Or you can set up an automatic recurring payment. You can use a credit card, debit card or EFT from your checking account for all payment options.

Pay by Phone: 888-723-3260
Roadside Service: 877-762-3101
Customer Service: 888-458-2246

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Foremost Insurance allows you to make a quick one-time payment or set up automatic payments online using a credit card, debit card or checking account.

Pay by Phone: 800-532-4221
Roadside Service: 800-554-6678
Customer Service: 800-435-7764

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Travelers Insurance accepts payments by mail, by phone or on-line. You can establish recurring payments on-line by credit card or EFT from checking account.

Pay by Phone: 877-878-2468
Roadside Service: 800-252-4633
Customer Service: 877-878-2468

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Hagerty Classic Car Insurance allows you to make a payment by phone or on-line, using a credit card or EFT from checking.

Pay by Phone: 800-385-0274
Customer Service: 888-220-9565

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